Quiñones & Co. have been preparing my tax returns for several years now, and I have been extremely impressed with their efficiency, attentiveness, advice, and professionalism. If you are looking for an all around great service for your taxes, then Victor is your guy!

I have been extremely impressed

Luis G

I was referred to Quiñones & Co. by a friend and could not be happier with their work! Victor is friendly, helpful, understanding, and most of all, worked around my hectic schedule to help me get my taxes done. Easy 5 star referral for me!

Easy 5 star referral for me!

Chris L.

Quiñones & Co. are masters of their craft, incredibly effective and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased with their service and the results. They more than paid for their fee by suggesting a couple deductions for my business I never would have done myself. I started with them years ago at their LA office. I have moved to San Francisco but still send my documents to Quiñones & Co. I know I'll be working with them for as long as I have to do taxes!

Incredibly effective and efficient

Ulysses Espinosa

Mi nombre es Javier Martinez y he tenido el servicio del Sr. Victor Quiñones por mas de 10 años en contabilidad, bookkeeping y dos auditorías. En estos años la honestidad y el profesionalismo del Sr. Victor Quiñones han sido factores que me han dado confianza para continuar con sus servicios por muchos años mas.

Honestidad y profesionalismo

Javier Martinez

Quiñones & Co. has been a great help for my family and I. They are an outstanding and knowledgeable CPA firm. Mr. Quiñones has always been attentive, helpful and reasonable in his costs. I highly recommend them because of their professionalism and great customer service.

They are an outstanding and knowledgeable

Lillian Hughes

Quiñones & Co. not only saved me thousands of dollars, but also a lot of stress. When I got a nasty letter from the IRS I was in a serious panic. His calming demeanor helped alley the fears I had and pointed me in the right direction of where to start. I would have been utterly lost without his assistance.

Saved me thousands of dollars

Melissa Moore

Lo que me gusta de los servicios es que siempre esta allí para ayudar su sencillez y su amabilidad. Es un hombre muy honesto y trabajador. Sus servicios me han ayudado mucho.

Muy honesto y trabajador

Blanca Lopez

Victor understands that starting a business can be both an exciting and difficult time. I had many questions regarding tax compliance. Victor provided with an expert tax plan for starting my business.

Great customer service

Anna A.